Growing up, a family photo taken in a studio in the mid-'80s sat proudly on display on our piano.  Our little dog Nicky perched under my mother's arm, my 17-year-old brother looking like he wanted to be anywhere but there. My 10-year-old self loving every second of the experience with my spiked hair and stonewashed jeans.  My sister enjoying herself as well, but pretending not to be.  I remember how proud and pretty my mom looked.  I remember all of us on that day over 25 years ago because over the years I spent so many moments looking at that photo, that I actually never forgot what it was like on that rare family photo day.   It's a gift, to be able to close my eyes and go back to that moment, that age, those relationships, and remember details and emotion that otherwise may have been lost.  

       My hope is for your photos to show you exactly how beautiful and special you, your life, and your relationships are right now, and that your images will help you to remember exactly how that feels in the future.  I'm the mother of two beautiful boys and have an incredibly loving, supportive and creative husband.  These important people are who inspired my passion for photography, capturing each stage, little details about their faces and expressions, our connection.   These types of images will always bring me back to that cherished time with them.  I hope to give that same service and gift to each of the individuals that I am so lucky to work with.  While I always get those lovely posed portraits, it's those in between, undone, snuggled up, close up moments that make me happiest.    Those in-between moments is where you can feel that connection between you and your loved ones.  Those images will always be my favorite.   

       I love cooking (soups especially), children, the ocean, talk radio, family dinner, abandoned houses, sunsets and rises, New England,  amazon prime, farmland, expansive views, autumn, long country drives, setting my table every day, but especially for special dinners, talking on the phone, pumpkin spice everything,  holidays, decorating and hosting parties.  I enjoy connecting with and getting to know people and learning their stories, I love seeking out and enjoying beautiful locations.  I love playing with light and shadows and everything in between.   I am thankful every day for the opportunity to do all of that and to be able to call it my work.