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       My hope is that your photos  show you exactly how beautiful and special you, your life, and your relationships are right now. That your images that we capture will forever take you back to these moments and this time in the way only a photograph can do.  I'm the mother of two wonderful teenage boys and I am the wife to a loving, supportive, and creative husband.  These important people are who inspired my passion for photography. When my sons were young I fell in love with photography as it allowed me to capture each new  stage, and all of the little details of their faces, their expressions, our connection with one another, their connection with eachother.  I hope to give that same service and gift to each of the individuals that I am so fortunate to capture.  While I always get lovely posed portraits, it's those in between, undone, snuggled up moments that make me happiest to deliver in your galleries.   

       I love cooking (soups especially), children,  coffee, the ocean, talk radio, family dinners, sunsets, and sunrises.  I love New England, there is no type of day that I would rather spend than a foggy, misty cool summers day on the coast of Maine. Autumn is my most loved season, long country drives with my family make me happiest, setting the table is my favorite chore, and even more so for special dinners with family and friends.   

       I am so thankful every day for the opportunity to capture so many beautiful moments, it truly makes me so happy to help to preserve so many precious memories! 

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